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“Are you just alive……or are you truly living?” – That is the question you unknowingly battle every day. Because you’re alive and breathing, doesn’t mean you’re truly living. To be alive is easy- to breathe in… and to breathe out… You can stick to the status quo and keep going through the motions, or you can truly REIGN over your life. Make the conscious decision to take control of your actions because life is ultimately about choices. REIGN APPAREL® is more than just a clothing brand, it’s a Lifestyle Movement. Whoever you are and whatever you do, live your dream. Who Were You Born to Be.

Don’t waste time, the opportunities of this world await! #ReignOn



Born from our code, and rooted in Combat/Action Sports, we present a Premium Lifestyle Apparel. As an underground brand, we take pride in our team, athletes, and vision. We promise to always create unique, high quality items that don't just look good in the gym. Why?...because you're more than just the gym- that's only a piece of who you are. 

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